C. Todd Morse

I am a managing attorney at Morse Law, LLC, a local bankruptcy law firm that puts clients’ needs first and which takes the time to produce a quality legal product. I graduated Baylor University with a degree in Political Philosophy and received my Jurist Doctorate from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

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  • Where Do Bankruptcy Hearings Take Place?

    There are several locations for bankruptcy hearings throughout the state of  Colorado. Every consumer bankruptcy whether it is a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 has a "341" Meeting of Creditors. Currently "341" Meeting of Creditors take place in different location depending on which of the 4 bankruptcy court districts you reside. For example, if you are in the Dallas District, then...

  • How Long Until I Can File?

    Many clients want to know at the consultation how long it will take to file their bankruptcy. Morse Law is designed to file bankruptcies exceedingly quickly. We only do consumer bankruptcies and as such, every member of our staff is able to contribute to getting your bankruptcy filed as soon as possible. In some instances we have been able to file bankruptcy in a matter of...

  • Chapter 13 Keeping Cars

    For many people temporary job loss, health issues or other interruptions in their household income resulted in them missing several car payments. For many, they have paid on their vehicles for years dutifully and on time, only to find that after one, two or even three missed car payments their lender wishes to repossess their vehicle.

    For those not intending to...

  • Foreclosure Timeline

    The timelines used in Colorado change dramatically on January 1, 2008. For foreclosures that were initiated prior to January 1, 2008, the timeline runs as follows: Approximately 3 months after the home owner made their last payments, lenders would file in County Court to foreclose on their property. That hearing takes approximately 30 days from the time of service to when it is...

  • Chapter 13 Keeping Homes

    Many people, especially those facing adjustable rate mortgages, find that for some time they have not been able to make their monthly mortgage payment but could make their mortgage payments going forward. Often times this is the result of an adjustable rate mortgage, temporary job loss or a medical condition that interrupted the household cash flow. If you have missed a few of...

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