Filing a Successful $500 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Read Everything from Firm:

READ EVERYTHING that the Firm gives to you.  We want you to be successful in your chapter 7 filing and we will tell you exactly how to be successful and give it to you in writing, but our best efforts are wasted unless you read everything that we give to you.

 Step #1

Initial Consultation:

1)  Attorney Prepares the Bankruptcy Documents List for Client’s bankruptcy.

2)  Attorney reviews Bankruptcy Documents List with Client.

3)  Client signs an agreement to provide ALL of the documents and information on the Bankruptcy Documents List in ONE SUBMISSION to Firm.

 Step #2

Gathering Fees & Documents:

1)  Client gathers the fees charges by Firm for Client’s chapter 7 bankruptcy.

2)  Client gathers ALL of the documents and information listed on the Bankruptcy Documents List.

 Step #3

Submitting Fees & Documents:

1)  Client pays the full fee to Firm by: cash, money order, cashier’s check, or ACH via debit or secured debit card.

2)  Client submits ALL documents and information listed on the Bankruptcy Documents List to Firm in ONE SUBMISSION by: Drop-off at office, Email, or Fax.

*Client is encouraged to call and speak to paralegal BEFORE submitting items, if they are not certain that they have included all of the documents and information listed on their Bankruptcy Documents List

 Step #4

Firm Drafts the Bankruptcy Petition:

1)  If all documents and information listed on Client’s Bankruptcy Documents List have been provided, drafting is quick and no additional fees to re-request documents are incurred.

2)  If documents and/or information from the Bankruptcy Documents List are missing, Firm will re-request the missing documents at an additional cost to Client.

3)  Firm emails a copy of Client’s bankruptcy petition to Client.

4)  Firm contacts Client to schedule a meeting where attorney will review Client’s bankruptcy petition with Client.  This meeting can be held in Firm’s office or over the phone as Client prefers.

 Step #5

Meeting to Review, Sign, and File the Bankruptcy Petition:

1)  Attorney meets with Client to review and sign Client’s bankruptcy petition.

2)  Attorney reviews a timeline of events from the date that the bankruptcy is filed until it is finished with Client.

3)  Firm files Client’s bankruptcy with the US Bankruptcy Court – District of Colorado.

4)  Upon filing, the Bankruptcy Court issues an Automatic Stay Order which makes future collections against Client illegal (Stopping, garnishments, foreclosure sales, creditor harassment, etc…).

Step #6

Attending the Section 341 Meeting
of Creditors Hearing & Court Procedure:

1)  About 10 days after filing Client’s bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court will mail a letter to Client’s mailing address of record (usually Client’s home) which states the day, time, and location of Client’s Section 341 Meeting of Creditors Hearing.

2)  Firm’s attorney attends the 341 Hearing with Client.  Client is required to attend.

3)  Client must take the second online course (Financial Management) and provide a copy of its certificate of completion to Firm, within 60 days after the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors Hearing.

4)  Client’s Discharge Order enters about 60 days after the 341 Hearing.

5)  Client’s Closing Order enters about 4-8 weeks after the Discharge Order is entered.  This time can vary.

Step #7

 Enjoy Life Without the Hassle & Frustration of Collections:

1)  Client continues to re-establish their credit, enjoy those close to them, and spends their time in more worthwhile pursuits than constantly worrying about debts and collections!


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