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We will beat any law firm’s prices by 10% or $100, whichever means more savings to you!

Morse Law, LLC is pleased to announce that now, in addition to our regularly low attorney’s fees, we will beat any law firm’s prices by 10% or $100, whichever means more savings to you! Since we opened our doors on the first day of the new bankruptcy law back in 2005, we have consistently offered quality bankruptcy filings at substantially less attorney’s fees than other bankruptcy law firms.

Now, we want to charge less than all other law firms! To accomplish this, we are providing our experiences attorney’s services for either 10% or $100 less than any other law firm’s fees for full Chapter 7 or 13 representations! All that you have to do is bring in your representation contract to your consultation and show it to the attorney with whom you are meeting. They will instantly make your fees 10% or $100 less than the fees quoted to you by the other firm for the same full representation.

If you do not have time to shop around with multiple law firms, then we will always continue to give you our usual lower fee pricing options. We review other firm’s fees on a regular basis to ensure that our basic fee structure is lower than other firms in the area using competent counsel. Remember, you always have as long as you wish to pay your fees. Some clients pay the first day, while others pay their fees over time – some over a matter of years! If this is what works best for you and your situation, then that is fine. You will never receive pressure from your attorneys at Morse Law, LLC to pay your fees before you are comfortable and ready to pay them.

Common Scams and Fees Problems

In a perfect world, you would be able to go to your trusted legal professional, pay them a reasonable fee for their time and expertise, and be assured that you were receiving competent legal advice and service. Unfortunately, the world does not always work in this “perfect” fashion. Every couple of months, we come across some new scheme or scam that law firms or document prep services are using to lure in clients. In general, the old adage, “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is,” is your best advice.

Payments After Filing

This scam has been around for a very long time – longer than anyone that I have ever spoken with can remember. Here’s how it works. When you visit two attorney’s offices and one tells you that you have to pay all of your fees prior to filing and the other tells you that you can pay a portion of your fees up front with the balance being paid after filing, you most likely go with the latter. It seems to allow you to get bankruptcy relief faster and the firm is more willing to work with you – right? Not necessarily so…

This type of fee arrangement makes for a conflict of interest and causes such damage to representations that it is unethical and in many locations it is illegal. Furthermore, it inherently makes for an illegal collection of fees on the firm’s part. The fact that this type of fee arrangement is illegal is no secret – the attorney who offers this should know that it is an illegal collection of fees. A minimum of legal research will reveal, to any law firm who is interested in knowing, how they may legally charge for their services, but to this day, many chose to violate this law. The problem with doing so is that at the time of filing, it makes your bankruptcy lawyer one of your creditors – you owe them money for the fees. As such, they are both trying to protect you from creditors and trying to collect from you at the same time. There is a good deal of representation that must be done following your filing and should there become an issue with not making these payments, or making late payments, then all types of representational catastrophe can ensue. For example, if you cannot make your monthly “fee” payment following filing, will the attorney show up for your 341? Will they actually represent someone well who has “stiffed” them in their minds? Can you trust someone for competent legal advice if they are breaking the law on their representation contract? This type of fee arrangement has gotten so bad in recent years that we’ve began to see debtor’s counsel listed on people’s credit reports as bad debts with collection firms attached to them! So you went to see a bankruptcy attorney for a fresh start, and then they are hounding you following your filing for fees?! This is exactly the type of harassment that the filing was intended to prevent!

One other thought on fee arrangements like the ones described above: Did you know that once you enter into this fee arrangement that you are not legally required to pay the remaining fees following the filing?! My assumption is that if you do not, that your counsel isn’t going to represent you very well. This half-hearted representation would be illegal, but remember, we are already dealing with someone who has broken the law regarding your representation. To charge fees in this manner, the attorney is required, in writing, to tell the potential client, at the consultation, that following the filing they are not obligated to pay the remaining attorney’s fees. I have never heard of a lawyer, who uses this type of fee arrangement, providing this written disclaimer to their clients. It would probably be fitting then if all of the clients whom have signed up for representation in this illegal manner would make their attorney’s aware that they know about this short coming in their fee scam. Firms (attorneys) who have fees paid after the bankruptcy’s filing are not legally able to collect on fees that are still owed after the filing – they are discharged by the bankruptcy’s filing and subsequent discharge order!

When Things Sound Too Good To Be True!

$499/$599/$799 (INCLUDING THE FLING FEE!)

Sounds almost too good to be true uh? Well… it usually is. The old adage, “you get what you pay for…” really rings home here. If an attorney or document prep service is offering you the same service for half of the price, then you truly are looking at something that is too good to be true. Most of these places charge other fees at a latter time on the bankruptcy’s representation – far enough into the representation that you cannot walk away or chose other, more honest, counsel. If you have elected to use one of these firms, please remember that you are playing in their home field – the world of contracts and law. They are lawyers. They have foreseen that you might not be terribly happy when you encounter the additional fees that they try to charge you and will have made the appropriate additions and clauses to their contracts which will not simply let you “walk away.” Far too often, when people go for the lowest of the low cost providers they find themselves in a situation that they cannot afford to get away from. Rather than receiving competent legal services they find themselves at the mercy of their attorney, and his ever increasing list of additional charges, throughout the course of their bankruptcy representation or they simply find themselves abandoned.

The Ebb and Tide of Bankruptcy Practitioners

In bankruptcy law, we experience a large discrepancy, from decade to decade, regarding the number of attorneys who practice in the bankruptcy courts. Our most recent significant law change, in 2005, brought about the largest shift in these numbers, but the recent economic situation facing our country has brought about a much more damaging change to the makeup of bankruptcy practitioners. Prior to the law changing in 2005, there were a lot of attorneys who would and could file a chapter 7 bankruptcy – Chapter 13s done correctly were still the territory of a relatively few attorneys. When the law changed on October 17, 2005, approximately ¾ of the attorneys practicing in bankruptcy law quit over night. The new law was the most fundamental change in the bankruptcy code for 27 years. All of a sudden, to practice bankruptcy you would have to learn, from scratch, an entirely new code – set of rules. For approximately ¾ of the practitioners, they found it easier to quit and focus on other areas of the law.

This was probably the safest time for consumers to find a competent bankruptcy professional to file their case. Only those of us who had made it a point to relearn this field from the ground up remained. Morse Law, LLC is comprised of bankruptcy attorneys from large firms who practiced prior to the law change. We felt that our firms were not capable of practicing under the new code, so we left and formed this firm specifically to handle bankruptcies that are filed under the new code. The number of practitioners remained low for a couple of years.

As 2007 wore on, it became apparent that the economic down trend that we were feeling was more than a down trend – it was an all out recession. The recession coupled with the housing crisis got covered in great detail on the evening news. It became a very public fact that there was a large number of Americans experiencing hard times and that they would probably be seeking bankruptcy relief at some point.

Overnight, debt consolidation companies and bankruptcy firms sprang up – most of them with little or no experience with what they were doing. As the dire condition of our economy wore on and the news coverage of the recession continued, it drew more and more attorneys, with little to no experience into the bankruptcy field, like, sharks to bloody water. Today, there are more attorneys claiming to practice bankruptcy law than at any time that I, or anyone that I know, can remember. If they knew what they were doing, then this would be a great advantage to those folks seeking bankruptcy relief, but what we have seen at the Courthouse begs a different conclusion. Bankruptcy law today is far different than it was prior to the 2005 law change. Prior to the 2005 law change, an attorney could learn how to competently file a basic chapter 7 with very little effort. Under the new code, the complexity of the filing process and the myriad of new caveats within the code have made practicing in this field a full time learning process. I have been a part of over 10,000 consultations under the new code and freely admit that I still feel the need to look something up from time to time.

Bankruptcy is simply not a field of law that one can “pick up” these days. It must be something that you practice by itself. Firms which claim to be a “jack of all trades” no longer competently exist. Much like you would not see the same doctor for a problem with your foot that you would see for a problem with your brain, you should not seek bankruptcy advice from your family attorney or estate attorney or the like. Bankruptcy law has become its own very complicated niche practice. To practice in this field competently you must be focused solely upon it.

Unfortunately, given our current economic situation, attorneys with no knowledge of the bankruptcy field are representing themselves to potential clients as if they were experts and for the unknowing consumer, there is little that they can do to protect themselves or to tell the competent from the incompetent. Your bankruptcy will affect your home, your income and your assets, and all of these things will have a tremendous impact on your family, your marriage, and your contentment with life. Choose the best professional that you can to handle these issues for you. Look for a firm that has many years of experience under the new law, not someone who has dabbled in this field over the last 6 months to a year. Find someone that is willing to charge you a reasonable price (not a flashy cheap come-on price) for a reasonable representation. If you avoid those who are marketing to you in mass and trying to solicit your attention with offers of super cheap rates, then you will likely steer clear of the firms who have more interest in your money than in your outcome.

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