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C. Todd Morse, Managing Attorney

I graduated Baylor University with a degree in Political Philosophy. After college, I moved to San Diego and became an analyst in commercial real estate for a large brokerage firm. In time, I missed the advocacy that I had learned as a Baylor debater and attended Thomas Jefferson School of law, where I received my Jurist Doctorate.

I practiced law in California for approximately one year. I’m an avid mountain climber, rock climber and motorcycle rider and as such found myself “visiting” Colorado three or four times per year. One day, a former law school classmate and friend, who lived in Colorado, asked a rather obvious question: “Why don’t you live where you vacation,” I moved to Colorado, became licensed, and began managing a large bankruptcy firms. I loved living in Colorado immediately, but quickly developed distaste and a distrust of large, mass production law firms. After managing large, cold, and business driven law firms, I decided that their brand of legal practice just wasn’t for me. I envisioned a local law firm that puts clients’ needs first and which takes the time to produce quality legal product in every case, as opposed to what I had learned to expect from these law firms which was just enough to get by. On October 17th, 2005, the first day of the new bankruptcy code, I opened Morse Law, a consumer (regular folks) bankruptcy law firm. My law firm was designed to analyze not only the legal issues surrounding our clients’ situations, but to understand the clients themselves, why they were in the predicament that they found themselves in, what their immediate concerns were, and where they wanted to be when the bankruptcy process was over. Seven years and thousands of happy clients later, I’m amazed at how well this very simple approach has worked. Rather unfortunately, I’m even more surprised to see just how rarely it is replicated elsewhere.

A few years ago, I became reacquainted with my college sweetheart and as any man who has ever fallen in love with a Texas woman will tell you, they do not leave the Great State of Texas easily. Complicating the attempt to pry a Texan out of Texas was my wife being a RN (Registered Nurse) who was in the middle of her first job contract. To k now my wife is to know that she was born to be a nurse. From her core to the tips of her fingers, she is caring, understanding, and compassionate. Since the one thing in life that I can truly say I did correctly was marry the right person, we moved to Texas in order to better facilitate her career. After my wife’s contract had expired I realized that I missed the day to day interaction with clients. Bankruptcy is a truly unique field of law in that it affords you the opportunity to literally step into someone’s life and make that life better. When you are in the office, you get to see regular Americans come in, completely stressed and appearing defeated and watch them, seemingly miraculously, transform into new, relaxed and happy people. While I gained satisfaction from working at home and taking on new challenges in the more litigious side of bankruptcy law, it simply did not replace the day to day interactions and transformations of clients and I was ready to return to Colorado and to the in-office practice of law. In January of 2011, I returned to the full-time, in-office, practice of law at Morse Law, LLC.

Over the years, bankruptcy has, in many ways, become more complicated. As such, the fast “in-and-out” methodologies of many of the large or “bargain” firms simply are not capable of representing people in a competent manner. I spent years developing this firm with the sole purpose of making it and our attorneys the very best in the field, not only legally, but as client counselors. If you are in a financial situation and do not see a viable way out, then I encourage you to meet with one of us at Morse Law for a free consultation, in order to find out what your options really are. I’m convinced: there is nothing done financially that cannot be undone.

Michael Baetz, Managing Attorney

Mr. Baetz is originally from Illinois, near Chicago. He attended St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and received a B.A in 2000. After living in Montana for a few years working as a cook and ski patrol in Big Sky, he elected to seek a law degree, and attended Vermont Law School in South Royalton, VT. During law school, he completed internships with the State of Vermont, and continued pursuing the liberal arts interests that drew him to St. John’s, assisting Professor Richard Brooks in compiling essays on the intersection of Plato and legal theory. Mr. Baetz also completed research projects on neuroscience, behavioral biology and canons of legal ethics, a side interest which he maintains during his current law practice. After completing law school, he decided that the West was home, and relocated to Denver. In his spare time, Mr. Baetz enjoys skiing, rock climbing and cooking.

Matthew L. Cheney – Associate Attorney

Originally from Connecticut, Matt has spent most of his life in Colorado. He received his BA from the University of Colorado in Boulder in 1981 and went on to receive a JD from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1984. After law school, Matt practiced law as an associate in a small firm in Denver focusing on civil practice and litigation. In 1988 Matt began working for an international legal publishing company in which he held a variety of roles including editorial manager and senior director overseeing hundreds of legal publications. He joined Morse Law, LLC in June 2009 heading up their Colorado Springs office. Outside of work, Matt enjoys the outdoors, crosswords, tennis and hiking with his dogs.

Natalie Perry, Lead Paralegal

I grew up in Houston, Texas and am a recent graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Paralegal Studies from Everest University. I have recently transplanted to Denver from Austin, Texas and enjoy all of wide variety of outdoor activities available. I have always been interested in the field of law and find bankruptcy law intriguing. Being able to assist clients in a difficult time is very rewarding.

My primary responsibilities include facilitating client documents and information for drafting as well as file management. I am also the court liaison within the office.

Outside of the office I indulge in reading, hiking, and spending time with my husband and two dogs, a husky and a great pyrenees.

My primary responsibilities include facilitating client documents and information for drafting as well as file management. I am also the court liaison within the office.

Outside of the office I indulge in reading, hiking, and spending time with my husband and two dogs, a husky and a great pyrenees.

Chris Newlander, Paralegal/IT Support

As a paralegal I assist in file management, document production from clients, and any IT concerns that arise.

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas and moved to Colorado in 2010 for a change of scenery. Among my hobbies, I enjoy fishing, hiking and am an avid poker player. My passions are in IT, process improvement, and above all else, helping others. This career provides the perfect outlet to exercise those passions.

Melissa S. Almeyda, Associate Attorney

I grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, with amazing natural beauty all around me. I went to undergraduate at SUNY Albany. I had a dual major there in American History and American Political Science. I knew the law was my future and after graduation enrolled in Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, in Washington, DC.

During my first year in law school, I knew I had to decide where I wanted to practice law. While I loved the area I grew up in, I also knew it wasn’t meant to be my future. My husband and I decided Colorado would be an excellent match for the future we saw for ourselves. Here we have the unrivaled natural beauty, tons of fun events, festivals and concerts, and a warm family friendly atmosphere.

I began my law career practicing with a large bankruptcy law firm, while I enjoyed knowing I was bringing relief to my clients that they needed, I found the large firm to be a bit impersonal. I joined Morse Law, LLC in May of 2012, and find here I am able to help provide clients with the relief they need, in a more meaningful way, that allows me to actually spend more time knowing the people I am helping.

Brittany Ponzio, File Clerk

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with an Associates degree in Psychology and I am currently working on becoming a certificated paralegal. I started working in collections in February 2010 until August 2012 when I decided that it was time for a change in environment and found myself working in bankruptcy, which I really enjoy.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching new movies, going to concerts, reading, and travelling.

Barb Williams, Scheduler

I was born in Sioux Iowa my family moved to Colorado in 1960. I graduate from South High school. Have been working in an office setting for 20 years doing clerical work. I began working for Morse Law in March of 2012, answering phones scheduling up appointment. I have been married 28 years and have one son.

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