Preparing For Consultations

A client interested in a free initial consultation at Morse Law should prepare a few items before they arrive. In almost every case, it is helpful when the client brings in

  • a couple of recent pay stubs
  • a list of creditors or credit report denoting to whom they owe debts
  • their most recent tax return filed with the proper taxing authorities
  • In cases where clients are self employed or own businesses, it is important that they bring in profit and loss statements.

In many cases, clients find themselves unable to bring one or more of the requested pieces of information with them. In these instances, our attorneys will do the best they can to advise you. But the attorney’s advice will be hinged upon your ability to accurately detail to them your income and to whom you owe money. So it is in the best interest of all clients coming in to comply, as much as humanly possible, with bringing in the information that has been requested.

In some instances, issues will come up in a consultation that require further investigation, when this happens, attorneys will sometimes set up another free consultation for the client to come in and bring additional information. Sometimes this can be done by simply faxing the information to the attorney. The goal of a consultation at Morse Law is to leave the client with a very clear understanding of how best to proceed and how best to achieve their goals.  As such, the more information that you can bring to your attorney the better advice you will receive.


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