Should I File For Bankruptcy?

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What’s interesting is that we do a great deal of our work from referrals and so we actually get to talk to our clients a lot of times maybe years after we’ve filed them. A lot of times we’ve end up doing a multiple members of the same family or we do someone one of our clients works with or somebody from the neighborhood and of course we always ask how they’re doing. Many times the former client will accompany the new perspective client to the consultation so we have a chance to sit back and talk to them and generally ask them what was that made you file when you filed.

As an attorney we just look at it, a really in a dollar and cents kind of analysis. Can this person payback this debt? If there’s just no hope in every paying it back that’s definitely bankruptcy territory. We know about how long it takes to rehabilitate your credit score or how to deal with income to debt ratios things like that. That’s what we are thinking of what we’re trying to decide if a bankruptcy filing is in someone else’s best interest.

Now our clients by large and this is the answer I get that well over 95% of the time but they tell me the reason they decided to file when they decided to file was because they stop sleeping. It simply became a lifestyle issue, a marital stress issue, maybe even a health issue. And it makes a lot of sense once you’ve heard that from several dozen clients over the year you’d think back to what your clients look like the first day they came in for the free consultation and then what they look like at the 341 hearing a month later and then here you are maybe talking down the line and what have they look like now.

Results are going to vary from person to person but we’ve had a very few folks coming over the year where what I’m seeing them after a year or after the bankruptcy I literally had to do a double take because there was enough familiarity there I knew the person but I did not write of the top of my head to recognize them frankly is because they looked a lot younger. Stress does amazingly terrible things to people, it does terrible things to marriage, does terrible things to household and it’s just amazing when you see somebody after all that stress has been removed even in just a one month between filing date in the 341 hearing. How much younger and more vibrant some of these people, some of clients will look just not having 20-30 or a hundred phone calls being made to their house a day looking for debts.

But with all of those folks that also started off who’s just coming in, doing a consultation, figuring out what it was they should or should not do and if they should file what did they need to do to get it filed. If you’re in that spot, we do offer free consultations. We do them in the office primarily. We have three offices. Our main office is in Denver. We have an office in Colorado Springs, and one in Loveland.
But if you want to set a free consultation just give us a call anytime during the week or if you call us on weekend we’ll get back to you first thing in Monday morning. We can be reached at 303-300-6684 or 970-672-1263.

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