Will People From The Bankruptcy Court Send Someone To My House To Look At My Stuff?

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Yeah, no that’s sounds kind of odd. You know the idea like Gestapo style like somebodies going to come into your house and, I don’t know, make a list of whatever you own. But I have had people ask me that over the years. In fact, I remember one years and years ago a guy convinced specifically that they came in wearing a sidearm to make the list. You know, I mean, it’s kind of funny years later but it was not funny to him at that time. He was really worried about it. I mean, for somebody to actually inspect your regular household goods when you got the same stuff we all have in our houses that we probably all wish we could sell at a garage sale anyway. They just aren’t going to have the time to do that. I mean there are probably some instances where you have I don’t know some kind of French furniture or colonial American collection furniture that might raise an eyebrow or two but even then it would be more of a ‘send us some pictures of it’ kind of situation. It’s not the thing where as any type of routine measure they go into your home and double check that what you’ve written on your petition is true. The petition signed under penalty of forgery and quite frankly most of us just don’t have that much interesting assets in our home.

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